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I am classically trained as a chiropractor and I practice a special type of chiropractic care that helps the spine and nervous system work more efficiently and effectively.  As a female chiropractor I am already a minority in this profession, I am one among 150 other females in the world with the highest level of certification in Network Spinal Analysis (a gentle chiropractic approach) through the Association of Network Care as well as studying with the creator himself Donny Epstein in his elite practitioner, Master E Training Program. Growing up in Washington State and graduating from Eastern Washington University in 2002 with my degree in Business Administration, I began a search for ways to minimize the debilitating pain in my body I was experiencing as a result of playing competitive sports for most of my life including volleyball at the Division 1 level. I suffered from chronic pain in my entire back, the arches of my feet, and I struggled with athletic induced asthma. I also had severe allergies from the time I was in grade school and horrible sinus infections multiple times a year from constantly getting sick.
Dr. Michelle MacCarthy

After visiting multiple Chiropractors since the age of 16, I discovered the chiropractic technique Network Spinal Analysis and that, paired breathing exercises of Somato Respiratory Integration, influenced my health and the course of my destiny. This novel form of chiropractic care changed my life. Not only did it change my life, it saved it. All my body's aches and pains disappeared, the arches of my feet no longer hurt, and I was no longer affected by allergies and chronic sickness. I even stopped needing to wear prescription reading glasses, as my eyesight was better than 20/20.

Greatly inspired by this work and wanting to be able to provide this care for others, I then enrolled in New College of California in San Francisco and then Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward CA, to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic in 2008. After graduating Chiropractic school, I moved out to Colorado and have been living and practicing in Denver since 2009.

I am an Elite Doctor certified in Cranial Facial Release. There are less than 150 doctors worldwide trained to perform this balloon assisted adjustment that focuses on mobilizing all the cranial bones and sutures in the entire head, fixing deviated septums, and helping open up airways so people can breathe deeper and increase oxygen intake. I utilize a technique called NET, or Neuro Emotional Technique, that helps people dissolve energy blocks in their body and mind that are conscious or unconscious.

Over the last 3 years I have been helping clients with their health goals both in the clinic and also virtually using functional medicine, various lab testing, supplementation, and altering diet and exercise to personalize each person’s individual health needs. I call this "Decoding Your Health Map." Much like the philosophy of Functional Medicine, I look at all aspects of a person and what is needed to optimize their health, from food, nutrition, and supplementation to exercise and mental/emotional health. I utilize many different tools to determine what the best approach is for each person.

I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue as well as fostering cats and cuddling with my own cat, Eros, while binge watching the latest Netflix series. I have been highly involved in the Crossfit Community, competing at local competitions as well as being Level 1 crossfit certified, I also enjoy yoga, Pilates and all other outdoor activities Colorado has to offer.

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Dr. Michelle MacCarthy's Credentials


Dr. Michelle MacCarthy, DC, graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administrations, Human Resources and Marketing. Additionally, she obtained prerequisites for chiropractic school from New College of California. Finally, becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West.

Professional Achievements

  • Network Spinal Level III Certification
  • MasterE Practitioner
  • Somato Respiratory Integration Practitioner
  • Cranial Facial Release Elite Practitioner


  • Student of Apex Energetics Seminars
  • Functional Endocrinology: Connecting New Research With Practical Applications™
  • Fundamentals Of Functional Blood Chemistry™
  • Mastering Brain Chemistry™
  • Mastering The Thyroid™
  • The Development And Aging Of The Brain™
  • The Gluten, Leaky Gut, Autoimmune Connection™
  • Perimenopause And Andropause-the Neuroendocrine Immunology™
  • Student of Kharrazian Institute
  • Neuroinflammation Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  • Gastrointestinal Clinical Strategies and Treatment Applications
  • CellCore Biosciences ECO Seminars


Chiropractic Services
Cranial Facial Release 2 - Wellness Rhythms
Chriopractic Analysis - Wellness Rhythms