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How Network Spinal Analysis With A Denver Chiropractor Can Help

The effectiveness of Network Spinal Analysis, also called Network Chiropractic or Network Spinal, has been studied and documented in Major Universities. Including the University of California at Irvine, the University of Southern California, and the University of Auckland, just to name a few.

This is the biggest independent study in chiropractic to date. When 2,818 people receiving Network Spinal Analysis were asked if they liked it most said they do. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine had a field day with the information! The research went on to say that Network Care is associated with profound and statistically significant improvement in self-reported areas of wellness. In the study Practice Members reported changes in:

Physical Well-Being

  • reduced neck pain
  • reduced lower back pain
  • improved spinal flexibility
  • more energy less fatigue
  • fewer cold and flu symptoms
  • fewer headaches


  • better overall health and general well-being
  • better ability to cope with daily problems
  • improved family relationships
  • improved significant relationships
  • improved work-life balance

Lifestyle Changes

Increases in:

  • regular exercise practice of Tai Chi/Yoga
  • meditation, prayer relaxation, and self-hypnosis
  • consuming healthy food and vitamins
  • eating a partial or total vegetarian diet
  • decreased need for prescription medications

Life Enjoyment

The experience of:

  • openness to guidance by inner feelings
  • increased relaxation and well-being
  • positive feelings about maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • the feeling of openness when relating to others
  • compassion for others

Emotional and Psychological Well-Being

Shared their experience of:

  • less distress about physical pain
  • more positive feelings about self
  • decreased moodiness
  • improved temper
  • fewer angry outbursts
  • less depression and more interest in life
  • fewer concerns about “small” things
  • improved ability to concentrate
  • less anxiety

Other Changes in your Well-Being

Improvement in:

  • personal life self-awareness
  • ability to adapt to change
  • handling problems in life
  • accomplishments in life
  • understanding life as a whole
  • overall contentment with life
  • relationship with significant other
  • job satisfaction
  • life being as it was thought to be
  • romantic life
  • actual work done
  • relationship with co-workers
  • physical appearance

Is Network Spinal Analysis all Hype?

I know it sounds that way but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Workshops with Doc

Workshops With Dr. Michelle

Someone asked me the other day: Why do Workshops?

I thought for a moment and then replied, There is the world out there, full of people like you and me, that are living at less than their potential health expression. Far less. It’s my moral and ethical obligation to share the message of greater health and life expression as a result of chiropractic care.

It is my passion to educate as many people as possible that there are alternatives to drugs and surgery. I do it to share impactful health information with our community.

I want to, no I must impact our community. Because if one person visits my office, their life can change for the better from that moment onward.

So you see I do it for you, I do it for them, and I do it to help the world be a better, healthier place for all of us.

Who do you know that would like to improve their health and well-being without drugs or surgery? Who do you know whose life could turn around with the right information or the right adjustment at the place at the right time?

“You never know how far-reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” BJ Palmer

It’s as simple as reaching out to invite someone to the “Workshops with Dr. Michelle”. Join us here.