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Hey, guys, it's Dr. Michelle. I'm here to talk to you about some of my favorite functional medicines from CellCore BioSciences. These natural supplements have been so beneficial in my life, and I wanted to give you a glimpse of how they could be beneficial in your life as well. I found this company a couple of years ago and it has radically transformed my life and so many of my patient's lives.

Cellcore - CT Minerals


The CT-Minerals (formerly BioActive Carbon Minerals) are kind of like your everyday supplement. I put it in my water several times a day. These are some of the things you can't take too much of. However, sometimes we need to build up slowly to make sure that we're not overdoing it or sending our body too much into detox too fast. This product specifically allows your system to be able to know what the cell specifically needs or doesn't need. Because of the carbon technology that's inside of it that allows for your cell to say, “Hey, I need zinc or I need calcium,” or I need whatever it needs. It's going to either go get it or give it away if it doesn't need it. It's kind of smart in a way that it's completely helping on what people will call a trace mineral level. Some people will say, “Oh, I take a trace mineral.” Well, you haven't taken anything like this because this is one of the best and all three of these together. 

"The Three Amigos are my go-to. I use them every single day. It's kind of like a staple in my life and my diet." - Dr. Michelle

Cellcore - Bowel Mover

Bowel Mover

I want to tell you about one of my favorite products, the Bowel Mover. One of my favorite things we're talking about is moving your bowels. So Bowel Mover is that product. So I always ask people, “How often do you poop?” If you're not pooping one to two good, significant movements a day, then you need some help because basically everything's getting backed up from the colon up through the liver, and this is gentle. 

It's not going to make you explode. It's not going to be habit-forming. It's not going to make you need this when you don't take it. It's actually helping the whole bowel be able to get back the normal peristalsis as well as the active carbons in here that are helping to not only repair the lining of your colon but helping to repair those tissues and regenerate them. This is like I said, one of my favorite products. It helped me in so many ways, which I'm sure you'll get to hear about a lot later on. If you want more information about the Bowel Mover, schedule a consultation with me to see if this is something you need or if we need to go a different direction.

Advanced TUDCA 

Advanced TUDCA is something we actually make naturally in our body, specifically in the liver, which helps to create bile, helps to recycle bile. There are so many benefits for this product specifically for your liver and helping to help with liver detoxification. Helping to help with the phase one, phase two part of detoxification. Helping to help with the phase one, phase two part of detoxification. There have been so many studies that have come out recently about TUDCA, which stands for a really long scientific name...keeping it short here.

Here are important things Advanced TUDCA helps with:

  • Detoxification of the liver
  • Neuro issues
  • Heart issues
  • Digest your food better

There are so many different research articles out there about TUDCA, and it's been proven to help the body in so many different ways.  I take this product every day religiously because it helps with indigestion and helps to digest your food better. If this is something you think that you could possibly benefit from, fill out the form below to get a Patient Direct Code or if you have questions you can schedule a consultation with me so we can see if this is something that you need.

The Full Moon Kit

One of my favorite treatment kits is The Full Moon Cleanse. Every time during a full moon, our little critters or parasites like to get all spunked up. They start to become more active, mainly because there's a certain energetic pull that happens around that time. We notice that maybe our animals start acting a little goofy. You will notice that emergency people talk about the full moon and how they have a lot more calls, a lot more weird things that happened during that time. Well, there have been a lot of things associated with these parasites, or critters and bugs. 

Cellcore - Para Kit

Most people are like, “Oh, my gosh, I don't have parasites. I live in America!” But,

  • Do you live with cats? 
  • Do you live with dogs? 
  • Have you traveled outside the United States? 
  • Have you ever gotten food poisoning? 
  • Have you ever eaten sushi or raw meat?

So these are the things I ask my clients. Have you ever experienced any of these things? If you do, you most likely have a bug. And 70% of parasites can't be seen with the naked eye. So we think of them, right? We think of these big long worms or whatever. Now a lot of them live in our blood. So what we want to do it at least once a year is do a really good cleanse. And I've heard people say, like, “Oh, I've done parasite cleanses, and I've done all this.” I said that, too. And it wasn't until this full moon cleanse, I was like, “Wow, I wasn't killing anything.”

Para Kit

Now, Para 1, Para 2, and Para 3, they're all targeting different types of bugs and different forms. Everything from the egg form, the larva form, and the adult form. Then we bring in the BioToxin Binder to actually mop up all of the ammonia. And ammonia is what makes us not feel well, the buildup of ammonia in our system from all of their waste that they're leaving as they die, as they poop and party as they have a really fun time in our bodies. That's what's usually makes us sick is the ammonia. 

BioToxin Binder

One way that we can rid them is by doing a full moon cleanse. So these three products all target something specific during that full moon. The BioToxin Binder specifically is there to help mop up all of the things that the critters as we're killing them as they are kind

of partying during the full moon that is left behind. That way they're not making us sick.


The BioToxin Binder is there to actually help clean up a lot of what's there. But it also repairs tissues and helps to bind out whatever is not wanted in the system and give back what is needed. So during a full moon, which is one time a month that we can do a specific protocol that allows us to take either a three, five, or seven-day stab at killing these guys and helping our body be able to function more optimally.

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