Chiropractic and Posture

Good posture is eloquent by design in both form and function. Our bodies are designed to have the head, rib cage, and pelvis perfectly balanced upon one another when viewed from the front and side. When the posture is not balanced, the spine is also misaligned.

Abnormal posture is associated with the development and progression of many spinal conditions and injuries such as increased muscle activity and disc injury, spinal subluxation,  scoliosis, fatigue, sports injuries, low energy, back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel symptoms, shoulder and ankle injuries, nerve system tension patterns  as well as many other conditions.

Postural abnormalities in adolescent years are a source of pain syndromes and early arthritis in adulthood. Ideally, posture should be checked and corrected in children before more severe problems occur.

Here at Wellness Rhythms Chiropractic, your posture is checked by taking a front and side view picture, then we use special software to analyze your body alignment. From your individualized report, we recommend specific exercises with Network Chiropractic to release nerve for posture correction.


posture control at Wellness Rhythms Chiropractic in Denver

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