What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a comprehensive, non-invasive look at the entire body and its intricate connected systems, and addressing the entire person in whichever way best increases a person's health, vitality, and overall life. Through questionnaires, lab testing, physical examination, and detailed history, the best course of action can be determined and then modified as a person is supported with various diet, exercise, lifestyle, and mental health recommendations.

Who Needs Functional Medicine?

Whether you are wanting help with a chronic condition, autoimmune disease, or just want to optimize your own health, functional medicine can provide answers for people who have tried every other option. Functional Medicine can give you answers to things that have plagued you for years or solutions for a minor cold.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Many benefits people experience from a functional medicine treatment are:

More energy
A greater sense of well-being
Answers to issues they've been dealing with for years
Zeroing in on specific supplemental protocols and detoxes
Personalized coaching and treatment
Get a more in-depth look at your overall health history
Incorporating all aspects of your being; mind, body & spirit
A natural approach to healthcare


Interested In Learning More About Functional Medicine?

After completing several in-depth questionnaires Dr. Michelle reviews these thoroughly and then goes over the best place to start. Depending upon the person, maybe something as simple as diet and exercise or could be as in-depth as comprehensive lab testing. Usually, a person looking at this form of healthcare knows it's a marathon, not a sprint to get to the deeper root and causes of a person's health issues. Find out if Functional Medicine and working with Dr. Michelle is right for you.

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