A doctor that could help me with my back pain

Hello, my name is Cheryl Holiday and I have been seeing Doctor Michelle for about 6 weeks now. I was seeking to find somebody a doctor that could help me with my back pain. My energy level was low and I was having a hard time getting things accomplished during the day. I just never knew how much I was gonna get done that day. So I stumbled across Doctor Michelle on the Internet, and I'm glad I called her and talked to her. I said alright let's try this you know.

I came and I started getting results right away after the 1st treatment in the 2nd treatment and the results were; I was feeling more comfortable and I was getting relief of the pain and the discomfort. I was really always in discomfort. I could never find a comfortable place to sit or stand. It was just as uncomfortable.

So now I really feel like she's reversed a lot of my issues and I'd say I haven't felt this good in about 15 years. I notice the difference in how I move more freely. I just feel better overall...She's kind of like the missing puzzle piece, you know when you are doing a picture puzzle and you're working on it working on trying to get to a better place you're trying to get the puzzle put together, and there's just a piece missing.

Well, Doctor Michelle was my missing piece once I started coming here things just started falling into place. The treatments are easy, gentle, they don't hurt, and yet they keep working throughout the week after my treatment. I see improvement continually, I think she's great and she's doing me a lot of good.

You know I was pretty worn down. I just didn't know before I started coming. I just didn't know if I could find anybody to help me because I just wasn't having any luck. So don't give up if you're in that situation where you're trying to find somebody to help you don't give up because just keep seeking and give Doctor Michelle a try!