Diane Network Chiropractic Denver

Thanks to Network Chiropractic I’ve Stopped Falling!

Diane Network Chiropractic DenverDiane is a practice member here at Wellness Rhythms Chiropractic. In the three months prior to starting Network Chiropractic, she fell 80 times because of a nervous system challenge. In one fall Diane broke her wrist and had to have surgery! Life has gotten better for Diane! Since starting Network Chiropractic Diane has stopped falling (and more). Congratulations Diane!

Diane: To begin with, I am excited about my progress. And, I am excited about feeling more confident and I haven’t fallen over 2 months and since I started with you.

Dr. Michelle: How many times have you fallen before Diane?

Diane: Over 80.

Dr. Michelle: 80. Like every day?

Diane: In two years.
Diane: Oh yeah, yeah. A lot of fear. And so, the confidence is so huge, it pushed through the fear. I am more connected to my body and I practiced my breathing when I practiced my exercises. And, I am taking more risks and I, too, expect to get rid of my walker.

Dr. Michelle: Is it easier for you to walk now than when we first came in? Have you seen some changes?

Diane: Sometimes when I am with crowds, it scares me but when I am at home, I can relax my day more.

Dr. Michelle: Great!

Diane: And I practiced on breathing while I am walking which is huge.

Dr. Michelle: So are you feeling anything in your body like flexibility or anything?

Diane: Yes. I have more movement. I have been consciously making the point to move more and stand and dance and move my hips while I watch Dancing with the Stars. I just do a lot of stretching with my spine and this roller I have and just enjoying the movement. So, before I came I was post re-surgery from falling and had a metal plate put in. I was almost immobile. I was so immobilized with fear so this is huge.

Dr. Michelle: So, would you recommend Network Care here at Wellness Rhythms?

Diane: To everyone. [laughs]

Dr. Michelle: [laughs]

Diane: I am! I am recommending it to everyone!

Dr. Michelle: Thank you.

Diane: Everyone needs to breathe more and be connected with their body.

Dr. Michelle: Thank you, Diane. It’s an honor to serve you.

Diane: Thank you.