Network Chiropractic helped me after my back fusion

I am 67 years old. A year ago May 3rd, I had to have a back fusion. I went through a whole year of Sciatica pain, really really bad. I had four epidurals and nothing worked for me. I had the back fusion and I met a Lady who told me about Dr. Michelle and said you should really try her.

I have been working with Dr. Michelle for 3 months now. And during the beginning of this, I got really scared, I actually made an appointment with my Neurosurgeon, because the pain had shifted from the right to the left side of my body. And I broke down crying thinking I was going to have to have surgery again. And I couldn't bear the thought of going through a whole nother year of pain as I did before.

So Dr. Michelle started working with me. I'll tell you what, I canceled my surgery. Never ever had the pain again, I've reduced my Tylenol. I even forgot to take it. It's the best feeling. And I'm walking taller and literally in no pain. I don't know what to say other than she is a miracle worker.

- Pam