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Network Spinal Analysis Review | “NSA Changed My Life!”

Patrick Network Chiropractic DenverNetwork Spinal Analysis Review by Patrick, “Network Chiropractic Changed My Life!”

Read about Patrick’s journey in this Network Spinal Analysis review.

I had played rugby non-stop for 11 years before I started care at Wellness Rhythms, and it was taking an obvious toll on my body. Since high school, I have played 3 seasons a year- Spring, Summer, and Fall, with minimal rest during the winter. I started to notice a physical deterioration of my body that I knew was not right for someone my age.

I struggled to turn over in bed, get out of bed, and couldn’t get comfortable falling asleep. My joints were stiff and would make cracking sounds with even the slightest pressure, and some of them grinding when moved. I was starting to get back spasms that would make me freeze with pain at random points during the day. The most concern that I had, however, was my lower back and hips. Some parts of my spine would pulse with pain, even when resting. The area where my spine meets my hips was also in constant pain which could be briefly relieved in ways that it shouldn’t have been, such as pushing both sides of my hip together or twisting myself unnaturally.


I Knew That in Order to Live a Healthy Life…

and continue playing the sport I love, I needed to seek care. I had an interest in chiropractic care, so I started looking around. I was wary of the practice because I knew of the stories where doctors would give a quick back crack which provided relief only for the patient’s spine to go right back out of alignment and the pain to come back. A coworker of mine had been going to a chiropractor for years and years, only to be told she still needed spinal surgery. Dr. MacCarthy was recommended to me by a friend who worked for her, because of her unique type of care through Network Spinal Analysis.

I consider myself to be an open-minded skeptic. I will give anything a chance, and let facts change my mind, but am always critical of what I hear. Dr. MacCarthy practices a form of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis, which is a very low impact and non-invasive treatment.


The First Network Spinal Sessions

Dr. MacCarthy was so gentle that I was starting to wonder if anything was actually happening. At the beginning of treatment, she informed me that I had one of the worst aligned backs that she had ever seen through my x-rays as well as with my muscular tension scan. I kept on with treatment, hoping that we were just chipping layers away before the magic started to happen.


After Some Time of Network Chiropractic Treatments

Dr. MacCarthy told me that I was moving into stage 2 of treatment, and the magic started to happen. I started to feel the energy move up and down my body with each one of Dr. MacCarthy’s precision touches. The time that stands out to me the most is when Dr. MacCarthy placed a finger on a gateway on the side of my neck, and slowly traced a line to the back of my neck. As she moved her finger my balance went in a similar spin and I thought I was going to fall off the chair while lying there. This wasn’t the first time I felt something, but it was enough personal proof for me to know that my body was changing.


Each Network Spinal Session

I find myself more comfortable physically and a better person emotionally. On top of a reduction in pain, I’m becoming more open and more positive, my patience and understanding have increased, and my body is repairing itself. My initial muscular tension scan showed a wall of red with shifts sometimes over 200% off of alignment. A quick follow-up scan after treatment broke down the red with some blue and shows a clear alignment shift. I’ve become more and more aware of my body and able to relieve pain by shifting into more natural and comfortable positions, rather than push strange spots in my body to achieve a moment of relief. I’ve found the ability to focus on individual parts of my body that are causing problems and adjust them to give some relief.


Network Spinal Analysis Changed My Life!

When I was asked to share my Network Spinal Analysis review, I was thrilled. NSA has changed my life, and I’m excited to see what else Network Spinal Analysis will do for me. I have abused my body for years, and know that this is just the beginning. As each layer of pain and tension is peeled away I can feel myself changing for the better, both physically and mentally. I look forward to my continued treatment at Wellness Rhythms Chiropractic and recommend Dr. MacCarthy to anyone that needs relief in any part of their life.

Thank you, Dr. MacCarthy!

Patrick Haske


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