Pat Network Chiropractic Denver

Since Starting Network Chiropractic I’ve Thrown Away My Cane and Started Dancing!

Pat Network Chiropractic DenverSince 86-year-old Pat M. has been receiving Network Chiropractic at Wellness Rhythms, she has thrown her cane away, and she can’t stop dancing! Pat shares her amazing healing story in this video.

“Dr. Michelle says I am dancing too much. She can’t take a video, but I feel like dancing because when I came here, I was hobbling around on a cane and after about 3 or 4 months, I can put my cane back in the closet, and I haven’t used it since. And that’s pretty exciting.”

Why I came to Wellness Rhythms Chiropractic

“I had been receiving chiropractic treatment for many years. My body had begun to hurt. My daughter suggested I try Network chiropractic when I moved to Denver. Since I was in my Mid-80’s, I doubted that I could get results. To my surprise, after less than 2 months I feel much better.”
Network Chiropractic Care Results
My right knee is much better. I walked without my cane. My spine feels younger; I walk straighter. I can now lie on my back in bed without support for my legs. I feel younger and more agile.”

Why I continue to receive care

“To reverse the aging process and do the things I used to do. I can feel it happening. I believe my body reacted to the aging process and nerve breakage by suddenly manifesting pain after the stress of the move to Denver. Without Dr. Michelle’s help, I may have ended up in a wheelchair or worse.”

Pat M.