Healthy BBQ Tips

Healthy BBQ Tips for the 4th

Top 4 Healthy BBQ Tips

Fire up the grill!? We’ve got some great tips for keeping your BBQ meals extra healthy for Independence Day.

Choose a lean, unprocessed protein
Consider using lean turkey burgers, salmon, tuna, veggie burgers, or grill-friendly extra-firm tofu.

Stock up on fresh veggies
Kabobs are a backyard BBQ favorite!? Use your favorite vegetables to whip up some hearty, tasty skewers.

Don’t show up too hungry!
If you’re the guest rather than the host, make sure you have a quick healthy snack before you head to the party.

If you are trying to lose weight
Take a look at your liquid calories. Beverages now supply more than 20% of the calories in the average diet. Most liquid calories come from soda or alcoholic beverages. Studies show that people who get calories from beverages tend to subsequently eat more than those who get the same number of calories from solid food.

Have a fantastic 4th of July and share these Healthy BBQ Tips with friends and family!

Yours for health and wellness,
Dr. Michelle MacCarthy, DC


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