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Start Network Care With A Donation to SafeHouse Denver

Help Someone You Care About As You Help Those Hurt By Domestic Violence. For a $39.95* Donation to SafeHouse Denver, you will receive your first New Patient Consultation with Dr. Michelle MacCarthy, this initial visit includes:

  • Health Consultation
  • Spinal Examination**
  • One Gentle Network Adjustment
  • Computerized Nerve System Testing and Evaluation
  • Follow up Visit to Review Health Recommendations with Dr. MacCarthy

*A $357 value for your $39.95 donation to Safehouse Denver! 100% of your donation goes to Safehouse Denver!
**Spinal x-rays if needed.

SafeHouse Denver assists adults, children, and youth in reclaiming their right to a life free of domestic violence. Visit their Events Page for a bit of info on our event.

Start Network Care so You Can Feel Great Again!

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